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How a regular VPN works:

What a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, does is it insulates those pipes with a layer of protection, called encryption. When a remote worker logs in through a VPN, your company’s information travels through a tunnel to a remote server then to the remote worker. The pathway, once it leaves the server, can only go where the ISP allows it to go, and thus can be slowed, especially when a traditional VPN is sending it through specific tunnels.

How aVPN® works:

Where a traditional VPN is sending data through a specific tunnel, aVPN uses an Artificially Intelligent Wide Area Network™ to collected data in real-time as well as historical data on internet congestion, latency, and packet loss then routes data through many different paths to avoid network congestion. AI-WAN® is a patented, artificially intelligent decision-making process that can self-adjust based on internet traffic conditions in real-time. The more data is collected, the more it learns, the better it performs this ensures an optimal network experience.

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Top 4 Benefits Gained by using GiGstreem’s Network Services

GiGstreem’s aVPN has competitive pricing with faster speeds than a standard VPN!


$1000mo/per user
  • VPN
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Network Optimization
  • AI-WAN® – Artificial Intelligent Wide Area Network®

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