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Home INTERNET you have been waiting for!

No matter what SPEED you need, we’ve got you covered

Reasons to love 

No transfer limits perfect for HD TV, Video and Movie Streaming along with Gaming
We don’t force you to get bundled products you will never use
Symmetrical upload and download speeds
Direct Peering to streaming and cloud content providers
Flexible user provisioned speeds from 150 Mb to 1000 Mb (One GiG)

Differences between competitors’ packages &

Competitor speed 25Mb
GiG speed 150Mb
Competitor speed 100Mb
GiG speed 400Mb
Competitor speed 200Mb
GiG speed 1GiG

Competitors’ taxes and fees are an additional cost. Their services are asymmetrical so you only get a fraction of upload speed vs download speed. Our services are fully symmetrical which makes it great for social media uploads, video calling etc.

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150Mb X 150Mb
Starting at $50/month + $15/month Modem Rental Fee
GiGstreem Home Internet Logo
400Mb X 400Mb
Starting at $80/month + $15/month Modem Rental Fee
GiGstreem Home Internet Logo
1GiG X 1GiG
Starting at $100/month + $15/month Modem Rental Fee

Hardware options: $15/rental per month or $295.00/purchase

*Static IP’s available for $15.00/month

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