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Home INTERNET you have been waiting for!

Reasons to love 

No Gimmicks, hidden fees or taxes
No Data Caps – GiGstreem is perfect for HD TV, Video and Movie Streaming along with Gaming
We don’t force you to get bundled products you will never use
No long-term obligation
Direct Peering to streaming and cloud content providers

GiGstreem is the faster, better way to internet!

GiGstreem Internet Service takes a direct path back to the Heart of the Internet in each region. This creates super low latency (Super Fast) service superior to any other Fiber or Wireless Provider.
Unlike your traditional ISPs (Internet Service Providers), GiGstreem is not burdened with an infrastructure built around telephones and cable TV. GiGstreem has built our next-gen network from the ground up to get you to the internet faster.
Our network design is two hops away from the backbone of the internet. Our competitors have to bounce around, from hop to hop, sometimes dozens of times before you get off their network and on to the internet. Think of hops like a traffic light that slows things down…It doesn’t matter what your top speed may be if you have to slow down at each light. GiGstreem gets our customers to the internet faster because we have more than one path, unlike the big cable providers, who cram all the internet traffic onto one. This is why there are no peak hour slowdowns with GiGstreem. Each location gets a direct connection to our data centers giving that connection direct access to the internet backbone.
Choose the faster, better and more affordable way to access the internet. 
Choose an alternative to the cable and telephone companies that has 24 x 7 personalized customer service. 
Choose GiGstreem!

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The communities below are active and can have service installed immediately. These are the only communities that we are currently servicing. If you don’t see your community we are not currently servicing the area for GiG Home Micro service.

Fells Point
Anchorage Marina


“So far I am completely satisfied with GiGstreem services. Also, the technician during the installation was very knowledgeable and helpful and the process went smoothly and was a great experience.”

Antoniya, Mercedes House

“Thanks for the wonderful installation service today. It went smoothly and was easy. I wish all internet service technicians were as friendly and helpful – and very kind. I really appreciate that you have a good team working for you and wanted you to know that. Well done.”

MATTHEW M, Mercedes House

“Amaaaazing! Thank you!”

“The employees of Skywire/GiGstreem have worked to provide us with great service, both through the process of understanding their product and the process of implementing and providing service to our property. The service has performed as we had hoped and we are currently exploring using their services on many additional projects, both built and stabilized and currently under development. We are confident their services are adding value to both us as a landlord and the tenants we serve.”

Brigg Bunker, Foulger-Pratt

“Thanks for following up! Your tech Roger was truly awesome and now I’ve got the blazing speed you promised. We’re very happy!”

Stephen F. , Two Northside Piers

“Thanks for being professional and responsive. A clear difference maker compared to my dealings with Comcast!”

John E, Facebook

“… I really admire what GiGsteem is doing and it would be great to break free from the shackles of Comcast one day.”

Aaron G, Union Wharf

“Very happy with your service. I tripled my speeds and saved $120. You guys are a no brainer!”

Jesse K, Silo Point

“I have it and it’s fast. Price is amazing compared to the other company.”

Ronald Adams, Silo Point