What is VenueNET?

VenueNET is a partnership program that provides live event services to premiere venues in New York City including Hudson Mercantile, Industria New York and Industria Brooklyn. Our networks are permanently installed at these venues, and ready to use at any time.

Benefits of Connecting Your Venue

Many busy event spaces in New York City have found that their legacy infrastructure was not always providing sufficient bandwidth for their clientele, leaving attendees frustrated that they did not have an “always-on” experience. As a member of VenueNET, a growing network of GiGstreem-enabled venues, you will be able to assure your clients receive a dependable broadband connection. GiGstreem customizes services to each event’s unique specifications, including:

  • Multiple Wi-Fi Networks & Passwords
  • Dedicated Ethernet Hardlines
  • On-Site Technical Support
  • 24/7 Connection Monitoring
  • Separate VLANs

Learn More

To learn more about becoming a VenueNET member, call 855-444-7875