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About GiGstreem

Gigabit Internet For The Masses

GiGstreem is an internet service provider offering Gigabit internet services to Maryland, Virginia, DC, New York and Florida. We do internet differently than most internet providers. Instead of using the same pathways that all the other internet service providers use, we use our own. What does this mean for you? It means that you will get cheaper, better and faster internet than with other companies.

GiGstreem offers Super Fast Gigabit services for Home and Businesses across Fiber and Wireless connections. We guarantee our GiGabit service is less expensive than any other GiGabit service currently in your building or community.

GiGstreem creates direct, highly available, Multi GiGabit connections from each building back to our POP’s. This means, when you subscribe to our service, you have a direct path to the “HEART” of the Internet in your own city. So, your Internet won’t slow down at peak times, you can stream as many HD videos as you can watch, and you can have video calls with loved ones without their faces freezing.

GiGstreem deploys a “High Availability” Internet Core in the Major Points of Presence (POPs) in each market we serve. These POP’s are where the Fiber from other cities meets all the Fiber that provides services to your city. In addition, Major Content and Internet Providers also have their equipment at the same location.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Super Fast Internet Service

GiGstreem Internet Service takes a direct path back to the Heart of the Internet in each region. This creates super low latency (Super Fast) service superior to any other Fiber or Wireless Provider


GiGstreem offers Super Fast Gigabit services for HOME and Businesses across Fiber and Wireless connections.

We guarantee our GiGabit service is less expensive than any other GiGabit service currently in your building or community

Network Equipment Options

GiGstreem provides a variety of Network equipment options for your HOME or Business, allowing you a one stop shop for all your technical needs


GiGstreem also provides turnkey network equipment solutions that you can purchase (capex) or rent (opex), thereby giving you the ultimate in flexibility to fit your budget. Our rental solutions include 24x7x365 support, saving you upfront cash and eliminating the need for dedicated IT staff

Commercial Grade Internet

GiGstreem offers an SLA on all FIBER and MICRO services of 99.99%, most other carriers only guarantee 99.5% today. Our HOME service uses diverse connections to each community, unlike the cable company


GiGstreem builds its networks so that each building or community has a “Diverse Path” to the Internet. “Diverse Path” means that there are two different technologies, and/or physical paths back to our POP in each region. That way if one path fails there is always a back up. This is why GiGstreem offers the best SLA (Guarantee) in the industry.

Dedicated Self Service Portal

GiGstreem Self Service User Portal allows you to increase or decrease speed on demand. Increase to the highest speed for a large event or for a Super Bowl Party. See all your billing options, upgrade your Credit card info, all without calling in!


Hate calling to solve a simple problem?

We couldn’t agree more, that’s why GiGstreem allows self service features for Internet Speed and Billing today. Better yet, we are working on providing you options for analytics, custom user profiles settings and wireless networks all in a self service portal

Hybrid Fiber and Wireless

GiGstreem utilizes existing Fiber in the ground from Major Carriers and then combines that with our Licensed Wireless Technology to create the ultimate in High Reliability. If one goes down, the other is there to keep your data moving!


GiGstreem can provide the fastest, most reliable, and lowest cost service in the industry due to our unique Hybrid Network of Fiber Optics and Licensed Microwave Technology.  We take advantage of existing low cost Fiber from our carrier partners, and then add a diverse path with our Licensed Microwave technology.  Giving you the benefit of dual technologies for one low cost!

World Class 24x7x365 Support

GiGstreem's World Class 24x7x365 support via phone, email, or chat. Simply go to our website or your client portal and hit the help button. For an optimal experience using GiGstreem services we will be there to help whenever you need us!


One of GiGstreem’s core company values is “World Class Customer Support”. This means not only the best in self service and provisioning features, but also an around the clock team to help you when you need it.  Whether it’s your Internet Service or network services, GiGstreem can help you when you really need it.


The Right solution no matter what size business you are

Visit GiG Fiber page
Carrier-class service including an SLA commitment of 99.95% reliability.
Dedicated Transport To our Multi Carrier Internet POP in each market.
All the benefits of dealing with a large carrier, without any of the downsides!
Direct Peering to hundreds of carriers and content peering exchanges.
Flexible user provisioned speeds from 100Mb to 100Gb.
Visit GiG Micro page
Perfect for New Construction Sites, Never goes down in the RAIN!
Get connected now while waiting for Fiber.
Carrier-class reliability including an SLA commitment of 99.99%.
Lower latency than fiber; think Microseconds VS Milliseconds!
Direct Peering to hundreds of carriers
Flexible user provisioned speeds from 100Mb to 20Gb
Visit GiG SMB page
Perfect for Small business – under 25 devices
Combine with Cable Modem service for High Availability-make sure your Credit Card Machine never goes down!
Lower Latency than Cable Modem Systems-Doesn’t slow down during peak times
Direct Peering to streaming and cloud content providers
Flexible user provisioned speeds from 70Mb to 500Mb
Contact Us Now!


We’ll convert your MPLS to SD WAN with EASE!

Take full advantage of our packages

SD WAN for all!

Visit GiG Fiber page
Visit GiG Micro page
Visit GiG SMB page

Internet for all

Designed with your needs in mind

Reasons to love 

Perfect for communities that reach 50 or more Preregistrations
Service is delivered within 45 to 60 days once 50 Preregistrations have been reached in your community.
Being offered to communities in Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Florida and New York City.
Direct Peering to streaming and cloud content providers
Flexible user provisioned speeds from 150Mb to 1000Mb (One GiG)

How It Works

Contact Us Now!

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority

With this thought in mind we have created 4 different packages with custom plans to cover the needs of every single person, small business or company interested in our services.

Visit GiG Home page
Residential Internet Service
150Mb to 1000Mb speed
Starting at $50/month
Check  3 Plans
No traffic limit
Unlimited HD streaming
No Peak Time Slow Downs
Visit GiG Fiber page
99.99% BEST SLA
100Mb to 100Gb speed
Click below for estimate
Check 8 Plans
Unlimited Capacity
We’ll Match Any Quote
I’m interested
Visit GiG Micro page
Lower Latency than Fiber
100Mb to 20Gb speed
Click below for estimate
Check 4 Plans
Advanced Encryption
Doesn’t go out in the rain
Lowest Cost/Gigabit
I’m interested
Visit GiG SMB page
Businesses < 20 users
70Mb to 500Mb speed
Starting at $90/month
Check 5 Plans
No traffic limit
Unlimited HD streaming
No Peak Time Slow Downs
I’m interested

One step closer to the best internet service in the US

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