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About GiGstreem

Gigabit Internet For The Masses

GiGstreem is an internet service provider offering Gigabit internet services to Maryland, Virginia, DC, New York and Florida. We do internet differently than most internet providers. Instead of using the same pathways that all the other internet service providers use, we use our own. What does this mean for you? It means that you will get cheaper, better and faster internet than with other companies.

GiGstreem offers Super Fast Gigabit services for Home and Businesses across Fiber and Wireless connections. We guarantee our GiGabit service is less expensive than any other GiGabit service currently in your building or community.

GiGstreem creates direct, highly available, Multi GiGabit connections from each building back to our POP’s. This means, when you subscribe to our service, you have a direct path to the “HEART” of the Internet in your own city. So, your Internet won’t slow down at peak times, you can stream as many HD videos as you can watch, and you can have video calls with loved ones without their faces freezing.

GiGstreem deploys a “High Availability” Internet Core in the Major Points of Presence (POPs) in each market we serve. These POP’s are where the Fiber from other cities meets all the Fiber that provides services to your city. In addition, Major Content and Internet Providers also have their equipment at the same location.

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority

With this thought in mind, we have created 4 different packages with custom plans to cover the needs of every single person, small business or company interested in our services.

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Residential Internet Service
150Mb to 1000Mb speed
Starting at $50/month
Check  3 Plans
No traffic limit
Unlimited HD streaming
No Peak Time Slow Downs
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99.99% BEST SLA
100Mb to 100Gb speed
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Check 8 Plans
Unlimited Capacity
We’ll Match Any Quote
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Lower Latency than Fiber
100Mb to 20Gb speed
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Advanced Encryption
Doesn’t go out in the rain
Lowest Cost/Gigabit
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Home < 10 users
60Mb to 100Mb speed
Starting at $50/month
Check 5 Plans
No traffic limit
Unlimited HD streaming
No Peak Time Slow Downs
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