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Speed, reliability, and your privacy is everything.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Internet Service.

If You Stream, You Need GiGstreem
Here’s what makes us better:

Faster (and cheaper) than the competition

1000x faster at a fraction of the cost of other major providers.

Always on

The most reliable internet service means our service is always on. Never again miss your favorite shows because of internet issues.

No throttling. No data caps. No nonsense.

With other providers your bandwidth speed can be throttled back if you are consuming your internet provider’s competitors’ content. Not with us. We treat all content the same. You get everything at full speed and zero delay.

Privacy taken seriously

Your privacy is very important to us. We never store or sell our internet usage data. With other companies, information about what you do and what you watch online is sold.

Skeptical? Review our privacy policy and terms of service to see for yourself.

The Internet You Deserve.
Private. Net Neutral. Screaming Fast.

What our customers are saying about GiGstreem



“We are very happy with the service. My wife and I both work remotely from home and the service has been reliable and fast. For the price and service and no long term contract, it’s overall outstanding. We wish you success in gaining more customers and we certainly recommend you to everyone we know in our Fells Point neighborhood. In fact, the unit next to us is for sale from the same developer and when it is sold I’ll be sure to tell new owners about it!”

Timothy M
GiGstreem Home User



“I decided to give Gigstreem a try back in November of 2018 and I’m happy I made the switch! The service is great and everyone from engineering/install to customer service has been great to work with and quick to respond with any questions I’ve had. I haven’t had any issues even in inclement weather and I work from home so I would be aware if there was an outage. I would highly recommend GiGstreem to anyone looking for fast, reliable internet service!”

Justin Rice
GiGstreem Home User



“Installation went great – the installation team was professional, courteous, and made sure my cat didn’t escape! They answered all my questions and accommodated my wishes on how and where to run the cabling. Network service is outstanding, staying well above the service contract minimums on link bandwidth the ping times are excellent. I’m very much enjoying my new high-speed service! I’m already recommending your service to friends in the area!”

John Landshof
GiGstreem Home User

Every plans includes:

Great news, GiGstreem is available in your community!

60Mb x 10Mb

  • Recommended for 1-10 devices
  • HD streaming
  • Multiplayer gaming
  • Video chatting
  • General internet usage
  • One time $149 Installation fee
  • 12 Month Agreement Required
  • Free WiFi Equipment

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Still have questions?

General Questions

Comparing GiGstreem to other ISPs you will find that others say speeds “UP TO…” or “AS FAST AS…” Usually, the speeds you are paying for are not what you are actually getting.

GiGstreem’s speeds are guaranteed to be AT LEAST the service tier you are paying for. Guaranteed to never be slower. Also because our internet is built on a dedicated network, with less than 2 hops to the nearest data center, your latency is superior and you do not experience peak slow down times.

Lastly, I think you’ll agree that our personalized customer service with 24 x 7 support is a drastic improvement on any other ISPs experience

We currently offer services in Baltimore, NYC, DC, SC, Tysons VA, and Orlando.

Avg install time is 90-120 min

No. The only time your price will change is you choose to upgrade service speeds.

Call 888-598-6637 or email

You can get TV service by using live streaming TV & Video services. Cable TV is a lot like a landline phone these days: an unnecessary expense that is shackled to outdated hardware. With the way technology is changing Cable TV will be going away and live streaming services like Hulu, Vudu, Netflix & Amazon will be the way TV is watched.


Yes, Any WiFi unit is compatible.

Yes, You can get a Static IP for an extra $15/mo for home $45/mo for business.

It depends on the user and the number of devices being used.

Ethernet cable allows for power and much faster bandwidth than coaxial.

Depending on the building, we can use any existing cable usually Cat5.


Contact our sales department at 800-747-1830 or emails

You can pay your bill by calling 800-747-1830 or email

No, But Thank You for your service.