GiGstreem: Bringing California an Exciting New High-Speed Internet Experience

We at GiGstreem are excited about our partnership with Essex and their portfolio of gorgeous properties along the west coast of California. We have been providing reliable high-speed internet service to residents up and down the east coast since 2016. Now it is time to bring our next-generation technology to you. Gone are the days of dial-up and DSL connections. Even satellite is fast becoming yesterday’s technology. The cutting edge in internet service is micro/fiber, and this is how GiGstreem will bring you an exciting new high-speed internet experience. It is leaps and bounds above the internet experience of the past.

The Internet Experience of the Past

When you’ve had internet in the past, you would click on an icon and then see a buffering circle spin around until the page would load, usually from top to bottom, as the graphics and pics would fill the screen. Heaven help you if you would try and click on anything on the screen. That would cause additional wait time or the whole thing to crash altogether. This wait time is called latency. It is caused by a number of issues:

  • Your internet speeds. Download and Upload speeds.
  • Congestion on your internet provider’s lines.
  • Internal problems within your computer. (viruses/malware/outdated software)
  • Router and Modem issues.

While we can’t do too much about the computer’s internal problems, GiGstreem can solve the issues with devices, internet congestion, and your overall internet experience.

But you may wonder, couldn’t any internet company help? Couldn’t I just switch to anyone? Why is GiGstreem better than just your typical internet company? We’re glad you asked.

The Typical Internet Company

Most internet companies will offer you a certain speed and attract you with fancy words like ‘up to’ or ‘as fast as,’ but in reality, these speeds are under ideal conditions and are rarely ever met. And when you add that many devices function on Wi-Fi connections, you will most likely not get the speed you signed up for. That loophole language is what keeps the typical internet companies in the business.

Another area where the competition fails is that they are all competing for internet line usage. With so much fighting, they are creating the congestion their customers experience during peak hours. To compensate, many of them enact policies like throttling.

Within these two areas is where GiGstreem has the biggest advantage. We don’t have to fluff our speed language or compete for line usage because we have our own dedicated lines. This helps you experience a super-fast internet experience, always.

How Does GiGstreem Bring the New High-Speed Internet Experience?

GiGstreem uses a hybrid micro/fiber connection. This enhancement on a standard fiber connection enables users a new exciting high-speed internet experience that far exceeds the competition. GiGstreem customers can expect:

  • Low Latency – We mentioned that internet service providers use the same lines. Think of it like a highway. As many drivers use the same highway, the connection becomes congested, creating delays, or latency. Latency is the lag time between your mouse click and the website responding. Other providers have multiple stops, or ‘hops,’ on that highway between you and the internet. GiGstreem’s next-gen Micro/fiber connection with its dedicated lines, clears the traffic, minimizes the ‘hops,’ and creates a super-fast internet experience.
  • Guaranteed Increased Speed – Again, most internet companies advertise speeds as “up to” or “as fast as,” somehow thinking you will see the high number and believe that is the speed you will always receive. This is misleading, and you end up paying for a higher speed than what you are really getting. With GiGstreem, the speed you select will be the connection speed you will always receive. It is guaranteed never to be lower.
  • Symmetrical Speeds – When you advertised speeds, you see two numbers. It reads as 150Mbps/50Mbps, 60Mbps/25Mbps, or worse. These numbers represent download speed and upload speed. Download speed is how fast information travels through the internet to your location. Upload speed is from your computer to the internet. With GiGstreem’s dedicated network, your download speed is equal to your upload speed, or symmetrical.
  • Redundant Network – This is also known as backup internet. You do not have to worry about the system going down on either end. There is always a path to the internet. If one path experiences an outage or a slowdown, the backup kicks in without you even knowing it occurred.
  • Plug and Play Hardware – This is another big area where many companies hit you; added fees for equipment rentals. All GiGstreem hardware is included. There are no hidden costs or fees.
  • No Data Caps – We do not limit the amount of internet you use per month. There is also no throttling of speeds when you reach any thresholds because there are no thresholds. There are no peak hours or preferred times.
  • Concierge Services – Most internet companies contract out service work; you never know who your technician will be. GiGstreem has representatives that are dedicated to each property. There is never a question about who will come knocking if you require a service call. They are available 365/24/7.

GiGstreem for Your Internet Experience

Southern California now has access to fast, reliable, and affordable internet service with GiGstreem. To learn more about setting up your residence with a new high-speed internet experience, check out our California registration page for your property and submit your info. We will contact you to set up the installation or answer any further questions you may have.