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Understanding Your Temporary Internet Service Needs

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If Woodstock (the Bonnaroo of the 1970s) were to occur today, organizers would find themselves in a serious predicament; in the middle of a hay field in a rural portion of the New York Catskill Mountains with little to no internet. Even with a top of the line smartphone, reception is difficult in such remote surroundings. Status updates, selfies, and videos streaming would all fail, and they would have to deal with several upset customers.

An unprepared event planner falls into the same conundrum.

They must know in advance whether their venue provides wifi connectivity, or if they must supply it for their visiting clientele. From a rock concert to a software technology release, a strong internet connection can mean success or failure for your event. Issues that arise from the lack of connectivity can cause a consumer to rethink using your goods or service out of concern for its reliability.

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Temporary Internet Event Planning 101

Planning for temporary or remote Internet connectivity is dependent on many factors, which include:

Event Infrastructure: Most internet connections are hardwired into existing infrastructure. The reliability of your internet connection is dependent on how good that infrastructure is set up. Placement of ethernet ports and electrical outlets must be strategic for your service to reach every point of your location.

Equipment Bandwidth: In addition to having the means to provide a connection, how much traffic those lines can withstand also becomes an important factor. If your bandwidth is limited, then you will have a poor connection. The more visitors you have on the system at the same time, the more the connection clogs and slows to a dial-up crawl.

Event Location: If you have only one hotspot, then interference becomes your enemy, especially at a larger venue. The more objects you have between the user and the hotspot, the slower your client’s connectivity will be.  Having multiple hotspots ensures that when a user moves to another area of your event, they can hop to the next hotspot location.

Customer Service: You can have all three of the above lined out, but if there is no monitoring of the performance of each factor, then all it takes is for one power outage or service hiccup to disrupt your event. If your venue depends on video streaming or communication with other parts of the location, then you can lose visitors, and potential clients quickly.

To ensure you have state of the art connectivity you need a company that:

• Provides the fastest and most dependable solution for your convention, festival, or event.
• Provides a unique design that is customized to your business needs from Point of Sale to Live Streaming.
• Has an established service record of customer satisfaction.
• Will offer on-site support for your system functionality.

The company you need is GiGstreem.

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GiGstreem is Your Choice for Pop-up, Temporary Internet

GiGstreem is your connectivity solution for Temporary Internet Service. We are the ONE choice that promoters like New York Fashion Week use for their shows. Specializing in tricky spots and venues with difficult logistics. We can connect you in areas from a busy downtown facility to a rural farm in the Catskills.

Temporary Internet
No longer fear dead zones. With Temporary Internet Services through GiGstreem, you know your event will have a high-speed constant connection through Ethernet “hands-off” or fully managed Wi-Fi networks. Our services use a redundant combination of Fiber Optics and Fixed Wireless Technology help sustain the bandwidth needed to keep your event connected. Service is available with 21-day notice in most cities across the United States.

Main Hubs in:
New York City, NY
Baltimore, MD
Washington, D.C.
Orlando, FL

VenueNET is a service currently available within the Metropolitan New York area. This service began when many businesses found that the existing infrastructure within some locations was not able to handle internet connectivity for their visitors. GiGstreem acted and integrated, ready to use, permanent GiGstreem networks within specific locations throughout the city. We are branching out to new areas for our VenueNet service. If you’re interested, please visit the VenueNET page of our website.

Some of the current Venue locations are:
Hudson Mercantile
Industria New York
Industria Brooklyn

If you are hosting an art or a fashion show, a community event, consumer technology release, or a music festival that has potential to change the world, GiGstreem is your source to keep your patrons connected to the world outside them. From being able to retrieve important business information from the cloud or updating social media statuses, keeping your customers online will help your event to be a great success.

GiGstreem has been serving the business community with blazing fast Temporary Internet Services for over 12 years, giving reliable internet connection for their events. Companies like IBM, Samsung, Nike, Honda, and Microsoft are making their first choice GiGstreem.

For more information on GiGEvents, contact GiGstreem for your free quote at, call one of our events team at 855-444-7875, or email us at [email protected] with any questions you may have. Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.