Successfully Cut the Cord with GiGstreem and Roku

The battle of internet connection rages on as the cost of cable and satellite services are once again on the rise. This price increase trend is causing many subscribers to jump ship and find other means of watching their favorite shows. Digital Media Players are the expanding trend to receive television and movie content. They are rapidly triumphing over the dish, box, and wire services our parents grew up with.

What is Cutting the Cord?

Cutting the Cord is a simple way of saying that Cable and Satellite providers are canceling their subscription-based services. The replacement devices function through an internet service provider and not through a traditional cable or satellite company. This is not an isolated incident. Customers across the nation are feeling the pressures of the increased cost.

According to a Variety study, cable giants Comcast, DirecTV, and Dish Network are all encountering losses. Comcast lost over 340,000 subscribers in 2018. Dish lost 1.1 million, and DirecTV suffered the most, losing 1.2 million of its users. These users are turning to streaming services through devices like the Firestick, Apple TV, and Roku Streaming Stick. Even Microsoft allows streaming services through their Xbox line.

Cut cable TV

What is Roku?

Roku is a digital media player that allows users to access popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV. The player plugs into the HDMI port on your television and using a remote you can watch your favorite shows through your choice of streaming sites. The device connects to the internet through your router’s Wi-Fi Network.

Roku devices are simple to set-up and easy-to-use. They come with a simple remote, and powerful features like Roku Search which makes it effortless to find what you want to watch. Roku devices give you access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes from top free and paid channels, so you can stream almost anything. Roku also offers great promotions.

GiGstreem is a Perfect Fit with Roku

GiGstreem is an internet service provider that serves specific communities in New York City, Grenville, Baltimore, and Orlando. We are currently expanding into select communities in Maryland, DC and Virginia. We offer three different internet service pricing models to meet your individual needs. From general internet use to streaming programming through your Roku device, GiGstreem has the right plan for you.

Benefits of Connecting Roku with GiGstreem

Internet Service Providers are not created equal. They differ in the speed they offer, what they include with their service, and primarily they will differ in price. When you choose GiGstreem, you will quickly see that we are the best offer out there for your community internet service.

  • Higher Internet Speed – We offer flexible user provisioned speeds. 150Mb download speed on the bottom tier. This speed is often the top tier option with most internet service providers for which they charge top tier pricing. GiGstreem’s top tier download speed is a super-fast 10 GiG. However, download speed is only half of the picture.
  • Symmetrical Speeds – Other than pricing, the most significant difference between providers is symmetry. Symmetry relates to how computers talk to each other. It is much like a phone call. You dial the number, your friend answers, and you begin a conversation. When you talk to them, you are uploading info, when they reply you are downloading info.

To ensure the highest quality, you need to take both upload and download speeds into account. Any delay on either end causes lag and information exchanged can be lost or misunderstood. It is the same with an internet connection. If one end of the equation is slower than the other, you will experience ‘buffering.’ You know this better as that swirling circle, and your streaming stops.

GiGstreem puts an end to buffering. Other internet provider’s upload and download speeds are asymmetrical; they are not equal.  For instance, they may offer 25Mb download speed, but their upload speed may only be half of that. GiGstreem internet services are symmetrical. If you have 150 Mb download speed, you will have 150Mb upload speed. If you have our 1GiG download speed, you will have 1GiG of upload speed.

  • NO Data Caps – Streaming content uses quite a bit of data. And watching TV and movies with a media player device, like Roku, increases data use exponentially. Many companies place caps on your plan, limiting you to a certain amount of data each month. If you go over this limit, you are charged extra fees, and your speed will most likely be purposely slowed, or ‘throttled,’ to reduce your usage.
  •  NO forced bundles or hardware – Most providers have bundled packages that you must sign up for. Even though all you want is internet, you are forced to purchase a cable or telephone package to get the “best price”. With GiGstreem you want internet, you get internet. And all our hardware includes Wi-Fi capability, no extra equipment to buy or lease.

GiGstreem the Choice for Roku Devices

After you cut the cord, you want to ensure that you can still watch your favorite shows. Roku devices allow you to stream most online streaming services, and they will continue to grow in popularity as more are added. Both Disney and HBO are looking to add streaming services.

With your Roku device, you want the best connection possible. The services provided through GiGstreem offers symmetrical speeds which provide a buffering free connection. You won’t have to worry about excess charges because we have no caps on the amount of data used. GiGstreem plus your Roku device equals guilt-free binge-watching for you and your family.  Ready to save money on your cable bill and sign up with GiGstreem? Visit our communities page to sign up!