Today’s Remote Worker Requires a Reliable Internet Connection.

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The season of the daily grind is changing for the office worker: Days of punching a clock and working nine to five are being replaced by emails of hours worked and cloud-based systems, and hours spent in traffic and spilled coffee on the console are traded in for a warm sitting area and a familiar cup and coaster. And often, the employer is in favor of these changes, especially when it helps the bottom line. However, working from home requires certain amenities to be a success. Most important of these, the remote worker requires a reliable internet connection.

The Growing Trend

With the advancement of technology, more and more employees are searching for jobs that offer the ability to telecommute, which is to work from somewhere other than behind a desk in an office building. In fact, employers that are looking to reduce costs are now hiring more remote employees. A recent study conducted between 2007-2017 showed remote work had grown 91%. If you extend that back to 2005, the number jumps to 156%. In 2019, 66% of companies in the U.S. employed remote workers. For 2020, it is expected that 75% of professionals will be working remotely in some fashion.

Whether it be from a remote office, an internet café, or a home office, that worker will need certain amenities to ensure work is completed accurately, professionally, and submitted on time to be able to maintain their position with the company they work for.

The Needs of the Home-Based Remote Worker

Working from home is much like going to a job. If you do not treat it with respect it deserves, then you will quickly find yourself without that job. This means you need the same things you would have access to in an office building.

  1. A designated office space. This is a dedicated space to work. If you are trying to work from a bedroom or couch, then while it can be achieved, you fall into the temptation to easily turn on the television or get distracted by other things around the house.
  1. Reliable equipment. A up-to-date computer and color printer are essential, as well as the programs that would be needed to complete the tasks you normally use at your place of employment. This is where cloud-based programs become beneficial. They give you the ability to complete your job from anywhere in the world. One simple password and you have access to all of the work that your employer allows you access to. But none of this matters without the final piece to the puzzle.
  1. A stable internet connection. Without a strong, reliable internet connection, you face delays, crashes, upset clients, and unhappy bosses. You need an internet company that understands and provides your home with the fastest internet service so you can send and receive emails, files, and conduct business in a professional manner. To put it simply, you need GiGstreem Internet Services.

Photo by Jordan Pulmano on Unsplash

The GiGstreem Solution

GiGstreem is an Internet Service Provider that provides the fastest internet experience on the market. We serve many multi-family communities in New York, Maryland, DC/Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida. We can provide your home office with the connection speed you need to upload large files, stream video, and even hold video conferencing. GiGstreem offers three different speeds to suit your remote office needs.

  • 150Mb X 150Mb – This is a great plan for those who are single or those with minimal device usage. Recommended for 1-4 devices and for general internet usage.
  • 400Mb X 400Mb – A step up those with for 4-10 devices. Great for HD streaming/video uploading, video chatting, and multi-player gaming.
  • 1 GiG X 1 GiG – Best for families with multiple devices. Covers 10-20 devices; Excellent for HD streaming/video uploading, video chatting, and multi-player gaming. This level would be ideal for the remote worker. 1 GiG is a great speed for fast upload and download of large files and can easily handle a video conference with the office or clients without the buffering a lower speed connection would have.
  • 10 GiG X 10 GiG – For families and your work from home office that has 20 or plus devices. Offers all the advantages of the 1GiG but with the advantage of the added GiG speed. (Only available in select locations.)

When you consider devices think of phones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, televisions, and all other smart devices used in the home. This would include alarm systems, temperature control devices, and personal assistants. The more devices connected to your home network, the larger bandwidth you will need. Especially when everyone is home.

Here are the benefits that make GiGstreem better than the competition:

  • Always on. We have a reliable network that is always on with no interruptions.
  • No throttling. Never a slowing of speeds during ‘peak hours’ or limited service.
  • No data caps. No caps on the data you are allowed to use or stream.
  • No required bundles. You are never forced to purchase products or services.
  • Faster and cheaper. Our speeds are 1000x faster than the competition and less expensive.
  • Symmetrical speeds. Upload and download speeds are the same. Reduces buffering time, giving you a smoother streaming experience.
  • Plug and Play hardware. All hardware is included, and simple to install, with no additional fees.
  • Unparalleled service. 24/7/365 VIP experienced customer support.
  • Privacy is taken seriously. Your personal information is of utmost importance. We never store or sell information.

The Final Word

When you are a remote worker, you want to be sure you remain connected with your main office and be able to send and receive files just as quickly as if you were next door. A fast and reliable internet connection is crucial to the process. Your employer does not want to wait while your system uploads the seventy-five-page contract to the company's cloud. If you could drive the file over to the office faster than it would take to upload, then you need a faster internet service provider. GiGstreem is your remote work solution.

To learn more about taking your home office to the next level, give us a call or send us an email. Contact one of our experts today. For your convenience, we are available 24/7.