Why Bundled Services from ISP’s Are Out of Date

One of the most heated battles in the Cyberspace world is a term you are probably aware of; it is called “Cutting the Cord.” If you are unfamiliar, it means getting rid of your cable TV services and finding other means of connecting to the television world. With the advancement of technology and more people purchasing Smart devices, bundled services from ISPs or cable companies are growing less popular.

This shift in technology has pushed for the need for a faster internet connection. Without it, as we bring more devices into our home, the slower our internet connection will become. Our home network can only handle so much of what we are throwing at it. So, do we go back to bundling to help alleviate our internet traffic? No, we don’t need bundled services; we need a faster internet connection, like what is offered through GiGstreem.

What are Bundled Services?

A bundled service is when a cable, or even an internet company, tries to give you multiple services in one package. With internet service, this usually comes in the form of offering home or cell phone service, cable or satellite TV, or any other service that is in addition to your internet connection that will be counted as an added fee. Although you will find some companies try and offer the package as ‘included with’ that make it seem as ‘one low price.’

Why Do Cable Companies Think Offering Bundled Services is Important?

In their defense, these companies do think they are offering customers a service by bundling these packages. However, in reality, you do not need most of these services. They are often overpriced and require you to sign an extended contract with stiff penalties should you desire to get out of it. They offer these bundled services because they want your business. They feel by attracting you with a Sports Package or Movie Package, you will jump at the chance of being in their inner circle.

What is the Truth of Bundled Services?

The truth is, these packages are often overpriced and have one or two channels that you really want and are filled with hundreds that you will surf right past; not worth the hundreds of dollars you will over-pay each year for them. Even Internet Service Providers are guilty of playing the bundled service game. They have deals on services like DirectTV or other television providers to give customers channels on a tiered structure. The more you pay, the more channels you will receive. This structure is no better than having cable television. But there is a better way.

What Does GiGstreem Offer its Customers?

GiGstreem offers its customers lightning-fast internet. There is no loophole or sales pitch to our customers. We never attempt to sell you with the lines of, “if you purchase this plan plus TV, you will receive a better speed.” We do not offer bundled services. Bundled services from ISPs are out of date. We choose to focus our attention on providing you with the fastest internet speed at the lowest cost.

With our focus on the Internet Service Provider side, you can focus on what you want your internet to do for you. This is where we talk about add-ons. These are streaming services that you purchase outside of your ISP like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+. With add-ons, you don’t need bundles. GiGstreem speeds are more than sufficient for whatever add-on you want for your internet connection. And the costs of these services are often well below the cost of purchasing a cable subscription and don’t have contracts. With GiGstreem’s already low price, you pay far less than you would be paying for cable television, DirectTV, or internet plus an add-on. It should give you a reason like others to want to “cut the cord.”

It is worth mentioning that unless you have a streaming device like a Fire Stick, Roku, or a Smart TV, these streaming services won’t be available on your television no matter what internet provider you choose.

In addition, a GiGstreem connection is excellent for live broadcasting. If you host your own YouTube channel or you work from home and must teleconference, our service is perfect for that as well; you won’t have to be concerned about losing connection or constant buffering issues. It is also worth mentioning that add-ons are often less expensive than a cable or internet bundled package’s subscription price.

The GiGstreem Difference

When companies try and talk you into a bundled services package with cable TV options, it is often to the customer’s detriment, and quite honestly, to boost the sales numbers of whoever is selling you the package. You don’t need a bundled service, even when it is from your Internet Service Provider. You may think it is safe because it is your internet company you are purchasing from. You may even feel you are getting an inside deal, but with the many other options you have, it is better to skip it and go with the better streaming options you have.

GiGstreem is the ISP that has you in mind when providing internet service. That is all we offer. We will never try and sell you internet “and more.” We focus on providing you with the fastest internet that is reliable and always at the best cost. With a fast internet connection, you can easily access streaming services and still keep your ‘internet bill’ below the cost of traditional cable.

To learn more about how GiGstreem can make a difference with your un-bundled connection experience, give us a call at 800-747-1830, or email us at [email protected]