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The service is working well!

The installation was great yesterday! The guys were in and out quickly, and the service is working well!

Joshua E.
Fells Point

GiGHOME Wireless in Canton MD

Installation went great – the installation team was professional, courteous, and made sure my cat didn’t escape! They answered all my questions, and accommodated my wishes on how and where to run cabling.
Network service is outstanding, staying well above the service contract minimums on link bandwidth the ping times are excellent. I’m very much enjoying my new high speed service!

I’m already recommending your service to friends in the area!

John Landshof
Canton Single Family Home

Highly professional installation & great Wifi

The engineer installers were extremely knowledgeable and professional, really went out of their way to be sensitive to all my concerns about placement of the cabling and antennae. The result is amazing. We’ve only had service for a short time but so far it is a dream, super fast Wifi, no more waiting to download or buffering and the days of constantly rebooting our internet server seems to be over.

Gary G
Townes at Harborview

Smooth Process

I wanted to let you know that my husband had wonderful things to say about the install and the installers. It was a very smooth process and we are happy. We are still working out some kinks with streaming but I think that is related to our devices and not your service.

Thank you for being so easy to work with.


Alison Sands

A clear difference

Thanks for being professional and responsive. A clear difference maker compared to my dealings with Comcast!

John E
Baltimore, MD

Great Service

The employees of Skywire/GiGstreem have worked to provide us with great service, both through the process of understanding their product and the process of implementing and providing service to our property. The service has performed as we had hoped and we are currently exploring using their services on many additional projects, both built and stabilized and currently under development. We are confident their services are adding value to both us as a landlord and the tenants we serve.

Brigg Bunker

Everything is great with the

Everything is great with the service thank you. Works perfect and internet is fast, no problems!

Tim M
Fells Point

Admire what GiGsteem is doing

… I really admire what GiGsteem is doing and it would be great to break free from the shackles of Comcast one day.

Aaron G
Baltimore, MD

Hey everything is great.

Hey everything is great. No complaints at all!

Josh P
Pierside Apartments

..Hands down the fastest Internet I’ve ever used…

I’m writing this letter to express our satisfaction at Silo Point with the new GiGstreem GiG HOME service here at the Silo Point condominiums. Silo Point is a one million square foot, adaptive re-use of a grain elevator that was built about a hundred years ago. The building was converted into 228 luxury condominiums which are positioned on the south side of the harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. As you might imagine, the size and complexity of the facility and the fact that part of the facility is one hundred years old while about 500,000 square feet is new construction, presented many challenges to the GiGstreem engineers and installers. I’m happy to report that the steadfast focus of the GiGstreem people solved all of these challenges and we’re now enjoying uninterrupted internet service. I personally have had the service for over a month and it is hands down the fastest Internet I’ve ever used.  I have a two story townhouse with thick concrete walls. I can use the WiFi on my balcony and throughout my entire townhome with blazing fast speed. Not only is the service good, but installers, salespeople and support staff at GiGstreem are extremely friendly and helpful. I worked as a CEO of a national company that financed multifamily housing, and I’m sure that all of my old clients would love to have access to services comparable to what GiGstreem has delivered here at Silo Point. I really want to thank GiGstreem for their hard work and service.

Terry D. Simonette
Silo Point Condominium Association

Amaaaazing! Thank you!

Amaaaazing! Thank you!

Bruce R.
Two Northside Piers

Hey everything is great. No

Hey everything is great. No complaints at all!

Josh P
Pierside Apartments

The latency is gone and

The latency is gone and I’m getting consistently strong speeds.

Eric W
Pierside Apartments

GiG WIRELESS in Fells Point

We are very happy with the service. My wife and I both work remotely from home and the service has been reliable and fast. For the price and service and no long term contract, it’s overall outstanding. We wish you success in gaining more customers and we certainly recommend you to everyone we know in our Fells Point neighborhood. In fact the unit next to us is for sale from the same developer and when it is sold I’ll be sure to tell new owners about it!

Timothy M
Fells Point

Very satisfied.Guys did a great

Very satisfied. Guys did a great install. You will be eating Comcast and Verizon’s lunch in no time. Keep up the good work.

John P
Fells Point

Completely satisfied with GiGstreem

So far I am completely satisfied with GiGstreem services. Also, the technician during the installation was very knowledgeable and helpful and the process went smoothly and was a great experience.

Mercedes House, NY


Hooha! That Gigstreem is pretty darn awesome! Superfast, no more rebooting the router constantly or endless buffering. Definitely makes life better! Thanks so much for getting it here and for the recommendation!


Gary Green
The Townes at HarborView

My service at Silo Point

My service at Silo is working just great!

Jenny R
Silo Point

10/10 experience

We reached out to Gigstreem for a tech event which required technical knowledge and know-how regarding wifi, hard-lines, and connectivity for a special laptop launch event. The venue didn’t have a tech department or any existing wifi, and these basic requirements were a must. Gigstreem came to our rescue at a very stressful time to help us figure out all the requirements we needed during a tight timeline.

Working with Danny from Gigstreem, he went above and beyond his role to ensure the event was a success. He became more of a colleague than a vendor, staying later hours to make sure the job was done properly, even taking on additional roles for other vendors on-site. He was a real team player, as were the engineers Gigstreem provided.

Overall using Gigstreem was a 10/10 experience and I hope to work with them again in the future. I can’t recommend them + Danny enough. Thank you for everything!

Creative Edge at Chelsea Market

The entire experience was great

The entire experience was great.  Thank you very much for turning everything around so quickly too. Once you decide to leave Comcast, you want to do it quickly!

Terri H
Silo Point

Thanks for the wonderful installation service today

Thanks for the wonderful installation service today. It went smoothly and was easy. I wish all internet service technicians were as friendly and helpful – and very kind. I really appreciate that you have a good team working for you and wanted you to know that. Well done.

Mercedes House, NY

Service is great! No complaints

Service is great! No complaints whatsoever 🙂

Amanda L
Pierside Apartments

We’re very happy!

Thanks for following up! Your tech Roger was truly awesome and now I’ve got the blazing speed you promised. We’re very happy!

Stephen F.
Two Northside Piers
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New York

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